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Der Minimalbetrag ist 5

Der Minimalbetrag ist 5


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Wir sind ein kleines Team, und wir möchten Ihnen helfen, besser zu unterrichten. Bewegen Sie den Cursor über unsere Fotos, um zu sehen, wer wir sind.

Mein Name ist Istvan Jaromi, und ich bin ein Backend-Entwickler. Ich Code neue Funktionen und Fehler beheben.

Ich bin Szelina Szigeti, und ich bin ein Frontend-Entwickler für iSLCollective. Das heißt, ich arbeite daran, wie die Dinge auf der Website aussehen.

Ich bin Benedek Princz, Mitbegründer von iSLCollective und Chief Technical Officer (CTO), der unser Entwicklerteam verwaltet.

Ich bin Peter Laszlo, Mitbegründer von iSLCollective und Leiter Produktentwicklung. Ich bin zuständig für die Vorstellung neuer Ideen und deren Gestaltung und die Betreuung ihrer Produktion, wie unsere neuen Video-Lektionen.

Ich bin Adam Laszlo, ebenfalls Mitbegründer von iSLCollective. Ich bin der CFO, und meine Hauptaufgabe ist, unsere gesetzlichen, finanziellen und menschlichen Betriebsmittelangelegenheiten zu handhaben.

Mein Name ist Zsuzsa Kiss. Ich bin Ihr Helpdesk-Assistent. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Fragen oder Probleme haben, können Sie mich an info [at] islcollective [dot] com erreichen, und ich werde froh sein, zu helfen.

Ich bin Szabolcs Simonyi, Backend-Entwickler. Genau wie Istvan, ich Code neue Funktionen und Fehler zu beheben.

Co-founder Peter Laszlo's Message



Peter Laszlo

Actually, the most difficult project of my life. Two years of hard work so far! Season after season it seemed like we were just months from the launch, yet again and again we bumped into unexpected problems - technical and other -, which kept setting us back and tested our patience and budget big time. But at last we're doing - big sigh! - the final testing of our upcoming new site and preparing for public launch (see sneak peeks below).

Due to the long delays, however, our finances suffered awfully. More than ever we depend on your generous support of our mission: to offer a treasure trove of free language teaching resources for all situations: paper worksheets in class, online worksheets for remote work and interactive video quizzes. This fundraiser is super important: we need to shore up our finances urgently! 

If the price of a coffee is not too much for you, we'd be grateful if you would show us that you think our work is worthy. In return, we promise you will soon see - instead of a patched up, cranky old site - a modern and beautiful one that is going to serve you guys for the next decade.

Bless up,

Peter Laszlo, co-founder



If you cannot afford the price of a coffee right now, don't feel bad. You can also be part of this amazing global collective by contributing a worksheet you made or creating a video quiz!

  • cheri cheri
    ISLCollective has been one of the best resources over the years for materials for my classroom and I tell everyone I meet about it as a resource for them when they're looking for something new for their classrooms. I am more than happy to be a sponsor of ISLCollective because it provides quality classroom materials from people all over the world. I hope that others will see the value as well and also support such a great site. Thank you, dear authors and ISLCollective, for all your help!
  • danbar danbar
    Why have I become a sponsor? Because you deserve it! You offer so many resources for teachers that I feel obliged to support you. Thanks and keep going!
  • berensheide berensheide
    "I became an iSL sponsor a few years ago because I teach English from home to individuals who are not interested in learning from a textbook. I found the materials on the website very useful for my one to one teaching. Many of the worksheets can be adapted to suit my particular circumstances. I am amazed at other teachers ingenuity and their generosity at posting their worksheets. I only wish I could be as creative! Many thanks to all the contributors."
  • ALiebeskind ALiebeskind
    "Hello, I have been a user of iSLCollective for a couple of years. I often find useful worksheets for my students. For me it is a huge help to be a member of iSLCollective and I think it is important to support Peter Laszlo and his colleagues, because it takes them a lot of work to operate the site and everybody can use this amazing resource for free. Thank you so much!!! ;-))"
  • wicki11 wicki11
    "Hallo zusammen, iSLCollective ist eine hervorragende Seite mit Material-Ideen für den Deutsch als Zweitsprache Bereich. Hier findet man sehr viel Material, dass man für den Einsteiger-Bereich und auch für fortgeschrittene Lerner sehr gut verwenden kann. Ich empfinde es als einen großen Vorteil, dass fast alle Materialien auch im Word-Format angeboten wird, so dass man es an seinen eigenen Unterricht anpassen kann oder evtl. vorhandene Fehler ausbessern kann. Bei einer derart großen Anzahl an Materialien kann schon mal ein Fehler unterlaufen."
  • lemonpie lemonpie
    "I have been working with children from early learning up to 9th grade, teaching German as a second language. I became a sponsor because discovering islcollective really made a difference for my teaching prep and also allowed for more diversification in the classroom as I could make use of the great variety of teaching materials. In addition, I learned from the materials and became more creative in designing my own lesson plans. So, thanks a lot to the site and all the teachers who upload their worksheets. "
  • "For me, sponsoring iSLCollective was an opportunity to support a thriving community of engaged users and contributors. I personally found plenty of very useful materials and, in some cases, almost perfectly suited for my online classes. What I appreciate is the versatility of materials provided by experienced teachers and tutors of English. By becoming a sponsor I wanted to say 'Thank you' for their time, great ideas, creative approach to teaching and the will of sharing these with the rest of the community."
  • "C'est très important d'apporter son soutien à iSLCollective, vous n'êtes pas seul et vous partagez documents, idées d'exploitation ou tout simplement vous avez accès à une multitude de ressources, c'est vraiment super! enfin, vous pouvez communiquer avec d'autres et faire part de votre propre expérience. Pour toutes ces raisons, vous apprécierez l'accès à ces ressources."
  • "Firstly, Merry Christmas! I have run an English Institute in Cyprus for many years! I was introduced to iSLCOLLECTIVE about 4 years ago and use it constantly. Sometimes I'm looking for a quick extension for class, a game or a worksheet for homework. I never fail to find just what I'm looking for in just a couple of minutes. A huge timesaver! So if you are like me, downloading and too lazy to create your own material, the least you can do is send the team a donation. Be generous; it's Christmas!!"
  • "ISLCollective has been an asset in getting teaching materials for my private school here in Mexico. Consider iSLCollective and give them an opportunity to keep up the good work. Benoit Simard"

The new website has the same uploading and downloading system, but with a sleak new design and some new functions (PDF download, new search functions, e.g. author search). Importantly, the worksheets have been re-categorized and combed through for quality, which we hope will make it easier to find what you need. 


New front page: All three resources types (worksheets, powerpoints, video quizzes) featured

Search results page: You can easily clear any filter individually or all filters

Search filter panel: new categorization (Language goals, pedagogical goals) and ew options (e.g., author search)

New worksheet page

Upload page: You start by selecting a file, then you get to the tagging form


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Für beide Arten von Spenden können Sie den Zahlungsweg via PayPal oder via Kreditkarte (über unsere Partnerseite ccbill.com) wählen.
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