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Wer arbeitet mit TEAM DEUTSCH 1 und hätte Lust Tests oder Übungen auszutauschen kann mir eine Email abschicken :[email protected]

freundliche Grüsse ☺

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Sehr Geehrte Frau Manu,
Ich heiße Mortada. Aus Ägypten bin ich. Es macht mir große Freude mit, Ihnen Deutch-Materialien auszutaschen. Dieses Jahre unterrichte ich TEAM DEUTSCH 1 und ich hätte Lust Tests oder Übungen auszutauschen.
Vielen Dank.
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Там хороший продавец очень, всем ответит и поможет, проконсультирует если надо.

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On the eve of May 5, the Blues defeated Real Madrid (2: 0) in the second semifinal match of the Champions League and reached the final of the tournament. Earlier, Manchester City super league secured the participation in the decisive meeting of the main European Cup, and Richards in the studio was delighted that Chelsea would become the rival of the townspeople. The reporter asked Mount to respond to Mike during a post-match interview. Yes, I saw Richards talk about the final. It will be a great match and Mike will be thrilled to watch the game - I know that for sure. We will do our best. Hopefully we'll shut it up (laughs), ”Mount said in a video tweeted by CBS Sports.

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